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The new challenge

Discover, value and choose

New forms of prevention

The New Challenge is a series of Training and Prevention Programs, aimed at the family and school environment. A project of Family and Health Promotion and Prevention of drug addiction, which is aimed primarily at young people aged 10 to 18 years and mothers, fathers and teachers.

Acció Familiar Barcelona has produced a new DVD, with which it intends to collaborate, contributing its experience, with the different campaigns to prevent the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in the youth population, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Together with the work of the teachers of Acció Familiar Barcelona, it aims to awaken the capacity of analysis and critical spirit of young people and provide families with the importance of communication and knowledge of the youth environment.

The DVD provokes in young people a reflection on key issues in the fight against the consumption of substances harmful to the health of young people, among others:

  • The importance and power of the media.
  • Advertising and information manipulation.
  • Commercial promotions to boost alcohol and tobacco sales.
  • The short and long term effects of drug use.
  • Alternatives to social pressure: schedules, personality and harmful substances.

Learning to discover, value and choose ... IS THE NEW CHALLENGE