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12 September, 2022

Responsible parents, complementary school

The responsibility of parenthood is a shared one. Having a child means loving them, pampering them, giving them affection and teaching them the different paths of life towards happiness, which is closely linked to human development. 

As the popular saying goes: "Life is a path" and, like all paths, it has its own directions, which, in this case, is education. This education is acquired through different channels such as: the family, the school, the environment and new technologies, among others.

However, in the first instance, parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children and are, generally speaking, irreplaceable. However, this duty can be delegated or shared.

The school where children are educated is usually the choice of the parents and thanks to their training at home, complemented by a coherent pedagogy on the part of the educational centre, it will form the appropriate channels for the growth in values of the children. 

A child is too valuable to be abandoned in the hands of others.