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The family meal

Communication space

The Family Meal is an Acció Familiar Barcelona programme that offers basic knowledge about proper nutrition, while highlighting the effectiveness of opening new channels of communication with children.

The habits that are created day by day are essential for the promotion of healthy behaviours in childhood and adolescence and have an influence over the years.
For this reason, the educational styles adopted can and must constitute learning processes through which parents can guide and improve their children's behaviour.


  • To highlight the importance of family meals.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of family educational styles in the acquisition of healthy habits.
  • To inform about the risk and protective factors associated with eating disorders.
  • To facilitate, through practical proposals, the development of healthy eating.
  • To offer new formulas that contribute to optimising family communication.


The system chosen by Acció Familiar Barcelona is active and participative (theoretical-practical).

It integrates both presentations by the trainer and interventions by the participants, as well as activities that the participants themselves have to carry out.