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On 21 February, we held a charity dinner in favour of the 728 women and children sheltered by the SOS Ukraine alliance: Acció Familiar Barcelona, ONGD Coopera and Fundació Montblanc per a la Promoció de la Dona.

The Ukrainian Consul in Barcelona thanks Selva del Camp for welcoming the refugees

Acció Familiar Barcelona has appeared in several media after the Consul of Ukraine in Barcelona, Artem Vorobyov, thanked us for our work (...)

Responsible parents, complementary school

The responsibility of parenthood is a shared one. Having a child means loving them, pampering them, giving them affection and teaching them the different paths of life towards happiness (...)

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Since 2002, we have been working on the reception and care of mothers and children in Ukraine and a sanatorium in Zhuravno. In total, more than 500 children have benefited (...)

Good taste

Trends have become a typical topic of conversation in our country, a place where most people have the bare essentials to live (...)

How to say no

The news about the bad behaviour of our children and adolescents is a matter of concern for society. The first years of life are a time of formation in values that (...)

3rd Concert for the prevention of drug addiction

The 7th of May we held the 3rd Concert for the prevention of drug addiction at Luz de Gas in Barcelona. This event helps us to raise funds for one of the objectives (...)